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Getting closer 
Yana @ Avant (Russia)

Getting closer to the point, having a closer look at Yana. We promised you and here we go. Yes, we guess it, you might not be totally satisfied. Need to see more. Want to see more. No need to rush, though. Yana is way too precious to get her whole portfolio spread in one post only and we decided to do it step by step. This time again, pictured by Nikita Manin who portrayed her as a silver-screen actress. Highlighting a strong  jawline in disguise with a neat black and white all in subtle contrasts, perfectly matching her bone structure. More in our next feature on Yana: facts and figures. And more pictures, of course.

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  • Yana !!!

    You so beautiful !
    So young and unforgetable !!!

    Posté par DONNA, 01-02-10 à 12:06 AM

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