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The Edge 
Polina Sova @ Ford (NY)

The other day, when we woke up in the mooorning light, we pulled on our jeans and we felt alright... and thought about this word, (too?) much used in the modeling world: edgy. What does this (still) mean ? Got the same in french, same use so, we started thinking of it in french first to come to the conclusion it truly exists but maybe the way it's used today (and yesteryear) is slightly imperfect. Not completely misused but too fastly said somehow. As we don't want it to lose its meaning, here is our homemade definition of edgy.

First face to appear in our mind while thinking of edgy was Jacquelyn Jablonski. Definitely not the usual classic blonde (obviously not) but her appeal doesn't rely on randomness. Might be here, the roots of edginess. Something, some features, some expressions that aren't usual for one cent but edgy is definitely not weird for the sake of weirdness. We know there is such a tiny line sometimes, up to your eye not to cross it too easily. And then came some further vision of Ford's additions to their women board over the recent seasons. Last example ? Karlina Caune, obviously eye-catching, undeniably gorgeous but so different somehow. Though, if we had to name one girl now, it would be Ms. Polina Sova.

 Icy yet slightly mellow gaze, pale skin-blue eyes-brown hair and a marvelous bone structure that all perfectly translate in pictures, Polina's appeal couldn't not hit our eyes in a delectable way. Strong look, sensitive expression and a unique way to pull out distant emotions on the poetic side. A few remarkable runways on her booking-list on a more prosaic note. Every feature we write on her was, is and will be pure pleasure. We'll meet her in the usual place, we don't need a thing, 'cept her pretty face...

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  • could this all get better?
    wonderful selection, so precise, so inspiring.

    Posté par dbp, 04-02-10 à 11:51 PM

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