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Ginger Inger

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Lys Inger @ Avant (Russia), Marilyn (Paris, NY)

If you don't write Avant Models black on white next to her name, it would be pretty hard to figure out where a girl like Lys Inger comes from. Obviously Russian when you know her mother agency but nothing in her (nick-)name or even her face screams East or West. Truth is she looks like a globetrotter from head to toe and was perfect for an editorial that seemed heavily inspired by traveling around the world. Wicked boho-chic or urban jungle, call the mood how you want, we're not going to dive into deep depiction of the story's styling. Rather on what Lys brought to it. Shot by Matthew Frost for L'Officiel Paris (current issue), Ms. Inger's very own beauty-type creates a striking contrast with the atmosphere and the clothes. Nothing we would have pictured her in but she handles it. History is a neverending miscast and that's where beauty begins.

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  • En plus la première photo a un côté très Safari CHIC, very "Veruschka escaped from the Seventies" !!!!
    Mmmh Alors c'est peut être toujours un peu cliché de parler de "jungle urbaine", Mais ON (EEeeuh en fait "je") ne demande qu'à être la proie d'une "Fashion chasseuse / prédatrice" telle que Lys !!!

    Amicalement, Antoine

    Posté par Antoine, 03-02-10 à 09:24 PM

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