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FDIB loves and bookmarks: Elite's Future Faces of the Day

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Svetlana Mukhina and Jasmine Yan @ Elite (NY)

Wasn't planned at all on our daily schedule but our night-time online round-up brought us to Elite's blog. And we just couldn't resist, just had to spread the word and drop a few lines on the aesthetic currently going on there. We love agencies which dare to cross their own limits, explore unknown territories. It's sometimes as simple (and striking) as a few polaroid sheets. Plus the two girls recently featured on their blog are two FDIB favorites: both Svetlana (Eskimo girl we introduced last season when she made her first steps in London with FM) and Jasmine (following her career at  Elite NY since day one). We're used to read between the lines but this is just the naked truth: watch for more Future Faces of the Day on Elite's blog right now. Loved and bookmarked!

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