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Amy Post @ SPS (The Netherlands)

Easy easy, slowly yet seriously,  Amy Post is on her way to become a 5'9 (176) busy bee. Step by step, no rush required to build a lovely portfolio. Only a neverending need for quality pictutres, including good polaroids. Amy's latest batch is pretty awesome and quite different from the way she's been pictured so far. Cute little thing getting wild, like a bittersweet pop melody and the childlike empress might get decadent, she'll always remain sweet somehow. Doll looks become really interesting when you're using it in the most unexpected or even unapropriate way, when doe eyes start expressing anger or sadness. After seeing Amy's own interpretation of the bridal editorial, here comes Amy's version of wicked polaroids. You genius.

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  • wow SPS does really have the greatest Dutch girls at the moment :O!Also love the Kate Editorial, thanks for that! xo

    Posté par Malte, 05-02-10 à 08:45 PM
  • EPIC!

    Posté par Jonathan Waiter, 05-02-10 à 08:55 PM
  • if emma watson and gemma ward had a child... it would be amy.


    Posté par danno watts, 06-02-10 à 02:11 AM
  • such a beauty!

    Posté par Dona, 09-02-10 à 07:23 PM

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