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Together Forfuckingever ? 
Tura Kenny and Ann Kenny @ DNA (NY)

Wouldn't be the first time we feature twins on FDIB though our past experiences taught us we could have opted for a different approach. DNA's vision and promotion of the Kenny sisters (from New Jersey) gave us a hint on how we should or at least could introduce two girls sharing one look only separated by a few (worthy) details like... hair color, as in our current example. Ann the brunette, Tura the blonde. But still too simplistic if you consider their respective strengths.

We've been impressed by Ann's poise, easy-going attitude on polas and tests while we just fell for Tura's fragile and more emotional looks, based on her current portfolio. Kristiina Wilson and Cynthia Rose certainly knew how to enhance these sublte details without throwing away their common denominator when she shot these pictures, stating clearly how they belong to the same world but have to be considered as unique souls. Sometimes so close to, sometimes so far from each other. Sounds so natural to say but you never know how many misunderstanding you can face on that topic.

Maybe we're just going too far in conceptual thoughts and we should put things the way they really are: Ann and Tura are among our absolute favorite models for this new season. And we strongly believe they'll remain favorites beyond the next few weeks.

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