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That's the only thing we really know
Valerija Kelava @ Next (NY, Paris, London, Milan)

Couldn't not plan another feature on Valerija, the heat became too hard to ignore. After seing her flawless and poised at Chanel Haute Couture, betwitching at Prada Menswear and after running to the closest bookshop to get her latest stories in magazine, a few more lines on Ms. Kelava were as obvious as driking coffee in the morning. Last time we talked about the dark-haired dark-horse of last season was for an editorial shared with another favorite, Jenny Sinkaberg in Dazed & Confused and since then, Valerija striked back in a one-girl show for the same mag. Plus a few more A-list publications such as Zoo, Russh and, last but not least, latest issues of Pop and 10. Another show season is about to start (oh well, it has already begun somehow) and another set of polaroids came in time to let our love grow again. That's the only thing we really know. For now.

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    Posté par Jonathan Waiter, 10-02-10 à 10:34 PM
  • most beautiful polas ever

    Posté par wow, 11-02-10 à 03:51 PM
  • South

    She looks so much like ans australian friend of mine ! Same look, same way of looking at you. Amazing.

    Posté par Pacific Blue, 14-02-10 à 09:42 AM

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