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Gosees and Gambles 

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Kirsi Pyrhonen @ Brand (Finland), Viva (Paris, London)

NY fashion week is close to its end already and London is getting more attention again, as usual. Gosees and castings have already started and, without frankly speaking of frenzy, it's starting to buzz on the other side of the Channel. Brand Model Management (from Helsinki but was probably needless to add) has/will have no less than 4 girls in town. Each with her own profile, assets and career plans. Maybe the latter is the most interesting if we consider Brand's special care in building those strategies. While Anu Koski (regularly featured here) took benefit of intensive internatinal development (Seoul, London and on and on), Kirsi went through a much more exclusive plan. The 6'0 (182 -- legs, legs, legs) beauty build a book at the speed of light during a short stay in Paris then carefully trained at home and kept more or less secret. Until Viva London released their show package for Fall 2010 yesterday, in which Kirsi's got a real slice of spotlights already being the only completely new girl of the team. Meeting clients and C-Ds in two days, she's ready to swim with the big fishes now.

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