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One more time
Alicia Kuczman @ One (NY)

Heard of her complete domination over brazilian catwalks a few weeks ago (with Way Sao Paulo) but we must confess we hadn't followed previous fashion weeks (from Brazil to Couture via Berlin) very carefully. The big shock came with Michelle Lee's pola, actually. A simple shot with a yellow shade highlighting an incredible bone structure and translucent eyebrows. That was our first moment thinking of Alicia Kuczman as one of our favorite girls for Fall 2010. Didn't even know who signed her in NY (guessed who it could be but still) and didn't know what plans were in making (though it was possible to guess as well). Marc Jacobs finally took place two days ago and Alicia made her official debuts in the Big Apple with One Management (good guess!), wearing Marc's fancy-geeky glasses, highlighting that incredible bone structure of hers one more time.

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  • this is one absolutely extra-ordinary face.

    Posté par dbp, 20-02-10 à 01:48 AM

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