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In Bed with Heels 
Luisa Bianchin @ Joy (Milan)

In bed with heels, quite a beautiful and contrasted picture and a perfect topic on a Sunday morning. Though, we just love people who are working seven days a week and Joy Milan seems to be that kind. We got Luisa's story by Johan Sandberg after brunch today and didn't think more than one minute and half before making out decision to feature it within the afternoon. Short bio on Luisa -- discovered by AM Model Management, german boutique then immediately sent under Joy's very careful wings, she didn't even need any runway yet to build up an editorial-girl image. Recently added to DNA's new faces board, which is getting all our love these days, Luisa was, is and will remain one of our favorite models in making. Till she becomes one of our all-time favorites.

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  • WOooow Superbe éditorial !!! Alors Autant d'habitude je trouve que (si je ne me trompe pas sur sa provenance) les productions du "Glamour" italien versent trop dans le Baroque/Conceptuel, Autant là je suis plus que conquis !!! ET il faut dire que Luisa "I really know how to wear my Dizzy Heels" n'y est en rien étrangère . . .

    Amicalement, Antoine

    Posté par Antoine, 21-02-10 à 04:07 PM

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