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Bitten by a Tiger-Lily 
Lia Serge @ Avant (Moscow), Elite (NY), Elite (Paris)

Made sense to us to publish a post on Karl Rothenberger's work today, right after our extended feature on Kristiina's coverage. After all, Karl's pictures were among the first ones to teach us the importance of a great aesthetic when it comes to backstage materials. His collection of fashion week shots shows how important it is to treat each as a scene and the whole as an atmosphere. Was for the artistic side, for the model agent-point of view it's great to be able to consider a good backstage shot as a reliable addition to a model's book or at least a fine way to enhance her image potential. Another reason we're so in love with Karl's work is his blog. Pictures and words and those are always the right ones to match the visuals. Plus a unique selection of newbies from New York. Priceless page.

That was for the photographer, now Lia. That's no mystery, Ms. Serge is among our absolute favorite faces at Avant Models Moscow and her recent development is giving us more reasons than ever to believe in a bright future in fashion. According to her mother agent, she doesn't only have the right skills (obvious above) but the attitude that makes it possilbe -- read: she wants it, she's willing to move forward. And feedback from photographer is usually excellent which raises hopes again. Her recent stay in New York was a great opportunity for her to hit the catwalk, get brand new polaroids with the Elite NY vibe and... shot the awesome foursome above.

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    Très jolie jeune fille !

    Posté par Myriam Façonne, 21-02-10 à 08:16 PM

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