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Anastasiia C.

London is over soon, pretty strange season there (again). We remember the days when newbies could spread their wings in the brit city but hype striked back and the epic crew of N.Y.N.F. (New York New Faces) with it. So, on the newcomer side this time, the number of breakthrough made in UK decreased again, apart from Kirsi Pyrhonen who took off like a 6'0 lightning. Though, numerous promising girls made their debuts in the shadows of London shows, among them our very own Anastasiia. So, we though we should dedicate a few lines to her, here and now.

Precious development (Anastasiia's under FM's wing) is our highest value and first principle. What we vouch for and even worship, sometimes. Most of our posts are hundred percent focusing on development, how agencies build their models. We can even risk to say that it's a long road and not the easiest. Overnight sensations are urban legends somehow and sever good girls took it slow before making it at the highest level (think Viktoriya Sasonkina). Build, train, perfect the book and the look -- every step counts and has its own weight on your way to the heights.

Anastasiia appeared at Central Saint Martins show last night, anticipated even for anyone looking for new designers -- or new models. From her first show to that one, we already watched how our young lady improved her presence and learnt to add more balance to her runway look (1 ,2 ,3 ,4 and 5 from With a couple of new test pictures arriving soon, we're also taking this trip in London as lovely leap for her portfolio. And while waiting for new materials, we thought we should share the video she took before flying, a few more than two weeks ago.

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