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Jamie comme Jamais 
Jamie Bochert @ Women (NY)

Didn't watch her rise back to her early days but didn't wait to jump of joy when she opened Marc Jacobs a few seasons ago. Since then, Jamie's career just goes by one name: expensive. From the shock of her runway appearances to the unlimited chic of her editorial stuff, Jamie just rules. Vogue Italia covers, pages in Purple and this four pieces from Another Magazine (definitely adore that issue, if you hadn't already understood this). Shot by Dan Jackson and styled by Mattias Karlsson, that story only features clothes of the season and Jamie Bochert! Quite a neat idea to use that neat background to enhance the visual appeal of Jamie holding a giant latte (is that the real name ?), listening to some no-music in pink outfit or enjoying a leopard moment. No title needed but...

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  • jamie. arresting as always. glad to see her back.
    i always admired that despite her love/hate relationship towards modeling, she still plays the fame game on her own terms, a la Nirvana.

    Posté par sam, 26-02-10 à 09:35 AM
  • She is special, looks really masculine.
    But she is interesting anyway.
    Glad you posted her.

    Posté par Fly, 27-02-10 à 08:49 PM

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