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Ranya as a Rei of Light 
Ranya Mordanova @ Avant (Russia), Supreme (NY), Women (Paris, Milan), Tess (London)

It takes a good model to enhance a collection or even just an outfit. It takes to this girl to be absolutely multi-tasked to let the magic happen a few minutes on the catwalk or on glossy paper for a little longer. It takes a lot, really. But what we found in current issue of Another Magazine might go far beyond. It takes to be one in a million to model an atmosphere, to tell a story and get into a designer's or a label's mood. Ranya worked with photographer Lina Scheynius and stylist Cathy Edwards on a story dedicated to Rei Kawakubo's world as seen by different eyes and sensibilities, in- and outside of fashion but always close. Telling a story about visions of a vision in a few pictures that seem stolen from another world. Ranya's world this season also includes several surreal runway appearances in New York and London, among others: Philip Lim (magical), Matthew Ames (très chic), Hakan (coveted) and Felder Felder (très choc). Plus a cover story for Tush magazine.


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