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Une Mandarina à Paris 
Oana Timerman @ WM (Paris)

Not the first time we feature Oana here but so far it was from a romanian point of view. French now, as she recently arrived in Paris, managed by WM and building her book to be fine ready for the shows -- very soon, isn't it ? Our initial plans were to feature another girl who just arrived in town but Oana is Oana (and is 5'9"5 FYI) and as one of our favorites from Mandarina Models it was quite not possible to wait.

Our title is a little mistaking, though. There is actually more than one Mandarina in town right now. Count on Florentina Stoian and Anna Gorcea to keep Mandarina's presence at the top at WM, while a few surprises can always be expected. Time will tell and who knows now what move to expect. Too many fronts, too many fields but only one Oana after all. Might be all what matters...

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