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Cool as Ice
Melinda @ Ice² (Milan)

Sure she loves blinking at the camera, in a quirky lovely way that highlights her face shape and lucky gap between her front teeth. Here you, Melinda in a few words. So, isn't there another little blurb to write on Ice's magyar beauty ? Lots of more if you ask. First of all, she was in that gorgeous translucent cube sent to casting directors by her agency in Milan. Makes an interesting intro, right ? Then... then we had to wait until Paris to watch her first major move on a coveted catwalk. Ann Demeulemeester is known for making statements with each of their castings and being on the list is always a plus for a newcomer with a particular look -- like Melinda. Getting the opening slot might be just a little more than being on the list. And guessed what ? Melinda opened, of course. 

Now, walking for one show or another doesn't make you worth a piece on our page, or at least does not anymore. In a neverending search for the future of modeling, we've found out (by chance and, more seriously, by analysing a few remarkable facts) that there was too many parameters to handle and no escape from being subjective. Though, a little attempt to be a little objective is required in anything you get involved into and we after gathering all parameters side by side, it was more than worth to spare a full spot just for Melinda.

First reason, her agency in Milan. We are supportive of these agencies working very hard on building a image that fits for their vision and Ice's efforts are becoming true with Melinda's exposure at a show like Ann Demeulemeester. Plus the way she's been introduced is worth a mention too. Polaroids with a signature, emphasis put both on her features and skills highlighting a plauful attitude that screams editorials.

And there we come to our second reason, Melinda herself and the potential we see in her. Not only "potential" as the word we would use to describe a new girl that fits into the usual criterias, standards and requirements of high fashion. Potential in its most geniune meaning, potential as the power to make things happen one way or another. No guarantee in this of course and in modeling you should never take anything for granted. But some models definitely sets themselves in their own class for more or less random reasons that turn out to make sense. In the end. And we believe this is just the beginning.

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