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Cold Coffee Story 
Naomi Preizler @ Next (Paris)

You can go anywhere you want in Paris, during fashion weeks you're almost sure you'll always see a model. In the streets, the subways and that famous cafés with the name starting by S (nothing très parisien, just the ones you have everywhere else). Were just sitting there for a latte at the end of our trip when a fragile silhouette crossed the room. Platinum blond hair, elegant walk -- no doubt the young lady was a model. Naomi Preizler was the first name we had in mind and unless it was just a dream, it couldn't not be her. Well, it's quite possible we didn't dream that day when you know she walked Givenchy two days before.

So, Naomi was in town and didn't remain unnoticed. Booking Givenchy plus a few more key catwalks that might help her in the future, our impression she finally managed to put herself on the map got stronger this time. Moving step by step but definitely placing herself on an international level now, Naomi can rely on a pretty unusual face and natural sense of style as her signature looks. And on that little je ne sais quoi that disturbs you from sipping your latte.

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  • BELLA ! strange but so fine

    Posté par martin, 17-03-10 à 12:22 AM
  • i shot her !

    i met her as a newface when she first arrived in paris
    (i still have her first test pics in this computer).
    i shot her also for an editorial for KULT magazine.
    you can see these pics on my website

    it's the third story in portfolio.
    she is lovely and easy going, but i got her crying because of the cold !

    Posté par mara z, 23-03-10 à 11:57 PM

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