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So Strange are the Ways of Love 
Anastasiia @ FM (London)

Okay we told you to stay tuned for yesterday night and we left you waiting for 24 more hours. Not nice but worth the price, no ? As  we said in the first part, we simply love Andrea Carter-Bowman's work but these pieces might have a special sense to us. Like a tiny bit of a dream come true (for us and Anastasiia) and some good reasons to keep the hopes sky high. Our beloved Venya Brykalin had already explored some of her spookiest sides before she left to London but Andrea's softer style definitely allows us to claim it's Anastasiia's own vibe that sets this spooky atmosphere on pictures. Venya's raw touch was the perfect kick to create her a certain image, her recent works from London are turning this image into her signature. You'll understand better tomorrow or the day after -- no promises anymore except there will be a next batch of pictures by another amazing photographer from London!

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  • GORGEOUS !!!

    Posté par ali, 18-03-10 à 10:50 PM
  • Amazing! She rocks

    Posté par luis, 19-03-10 à 10:33 PM
  • Very beautiful pictures, Anastasiia is astonishing

    Posté par tiny, 19-03-10 à 11:06 PM

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