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In the Mood for the Shoot 
Milena Hajzler @ Eastern (Poland)

Pretty exhausted tonight as we've been waiting on our three current projects, maybe one more to come soon and all equally exciting. Exhausting yet exciting, keeps the mood good. Especially when the news of the day are actually lovely and stylish polaroids of one of our favorites from Eastern Models, Warsaw. Who we want to see, how we want to see her. Relaxing and refreshing.   

Efforts an agency puts to introduce and promote models are what we're strongly focusing on lately and you can't imagine how happy and positively surprised we were when we got those new digitals of Milena - 5'11 (179) by the way. As if Eastern suddenly went from a "good agency in town" status to the next level and seeking for the highest in terms of image. Just a tiny bit of styling can become the smartest way to enhance one of your model's image -- let's say a hat or scarf to stay on topic. Good light and the right pose/expression from the models and you might have what you're looking for. Or what we are all looking for. Out there, in Paris, New York and others.

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  • I think she really improved seeing her first polaroids, the only thing about her i don't like are her frozen eyes but maybe that's just part of her appeal lol xx

    Posté par Malte, 19-03-10 à 12:21 PM
  • Wow, I love her... Eastern has great new faces!

    Posté par luis, 19-03-10 à 10:31 PM
  • thunder in my heart

    Posté par dbp, 27-03-10 à 12:58 AM

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