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Catch Her if You Can 
Freja Beha Erichsen @ IMG, covers respectively from and

We too, go green on Freja these days. Vogue Italia is already safe on the shelf and i-D is certainly on its way to us as well or at least in pole position on our shopping-list this month. And actually as we're talking about green, greenish colors seems to be perfectly matching Freja's beauty and we couldn't resist comparing it to a second Spring in her career, blossoming again... in every field. Flawless show seasons, relentless editorial presence, both have been usual for years already but things are taking a new turn with new -- unexpected -- connections in her career. Take as another example of how the words "new faces" are a sort of nonsense today, a girl can be around for "ages" she can be fresh again, all of a sudden and her popularity can rise as fast as if she had just walked all the major shows during her first season. Shall we consider this as the ultimate sign that runways and magazines aren't as closely connected as they seemed to be ? Or simply that careers are not straight lines leading either to the top or to oblivion but made of u-turns and other spirals ? Labyriths, maybe. Who gets lost today will be found tomorrow. Steven Meisel certainly found his way back to Freja (if it's not the other way round -- hence a good question popping up there: is this smart management moves or just aesthetic shifts ?).

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