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Anastasiia @ FM (London)

After showing details of Anastasiia's raw side, captured by Andrea Carter-Bowman in black and white digitals and a couple of test shots, we thought it was big time to explore her much softer side through the lens of Emilie Muller, another photographer who had an opportunity to work with her during her stay in London. If these new pictures have a smoother touch and are showcasing the most delicate looks of Anastasiia yet, they remain true to what could easily become her signature-style: that incredibly playful and subtle body language from perfect walk to a very personal way to move as if she was literally "talking to the camera". That's sounds quite lyrical or poetic yet we should rather consider it as the right involvment, natural talents and level of passion required by modeling. At least as one of the assets to rely on when you're starting your career. View more on Everyday is a New Day, Emilie's portfolio on Tumblr (smart+gorgeous).

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  • Always glad to read news on your Anastasiia girl!

    Her book is getting perfect, i think she should be ready for some decent editorial work, now!

    Posté par Malte, 31-03-10 à 05:50 PM
  • Oh, the gorgeous blue dress fits her really good !

    Posté par Olga, 05-04-10 à 08:05 PM

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