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Semia @ Aquarelle (Russia)

Was a kind of crazy day, hectic all the way and bringing new surprises every two or three hours. Quite like it but wish we had more time left to drop some longer updates on FDIB. Well, major short story tonight is dedicated to Semia, tiny cutie from Aquarelle Models in Moscow. Not more than 5'8 high but full of good energy when it comes to expressing herself on pictures. Obvious talents for modeling, combined to peculiar features that could barely be overlooked by anyone seeking unusual beauty across Europe and around the world. 

After a detailed introduction with Roma Milova's test, showing in deep the geniune editorial vibe of Semia, let's have a look at the girl hiding behind the performer. And there was nothing better than big size, high res digitals without make-up, without stylish tricks. Semia as if she was sitting on the sofa next to us, larger than life. Regardless if she's the one you were looking for or if she caught your attention all of a sudden, there is something singular enough in her looks not to be worth a 10+ pics, 2 paragraphs entry here. Even at 5'8.

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    I'm absolutely SMITTEN with this little Miss. Such big, penetrating, deep brown eyes... Not to mention her face structure and, well, I'm just always a sucker for weird-shaped-ears :')

    Posté par Yana, 01-04-10 à 12:27 PM
  • Agreeeeeeeeeeed! She's like this German newface Jass Juricin (you know who i mean, this Hanne Haby look alike from IMG), just in brunette and a little more haunting!
    Have a great weekend, guys!

    Posté par Malte, 01-04-10 à 05:46 PM

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