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FDIB loves and bookmarks: Brittany in Teen Vogue 
Brittany McPhee @ Elite (NY)

It's been a little while since Elite NY introduced us Brittany McPhee, as the latest wunderkind from Pulse Mgmt. End of last Summer, exactly. Tiny, tiny and full of energy, Brittany arrived in the business as a potential editorial-girl in the making with her laid-back attitude and natural poise on her first polaroids from New York. And guess what, she just landed a spread in Teen Vogue's most recent issue confirming what seemed almost obvious on day one. In a mix of futuristic inspirations, urban culture, sprintime moods and springy moves of Brittany, we had the delightful surprise to see two pages of this story shot by Daniel Jackson on Elite's blog. Quite a perfect way to forget it's Sunday -- again, it happened too often these days.

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  • I think height will not be an issue with this one, she already models like if she was born with it. AMAZING

    Posté par ilovecats, 12-04-10 à 10:38 AM

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