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Rachel v1.0 
Rachel Cook @ Elite (NY)

Growing in life, growing on us. That's the best way we found to introduce shortly Rachel Cook, 15-years-old at Elite, New York. And guess what, she's another of these girls found by Pulse Management and carefully managed by Elite -- just scroll down a little bit and you'll seen the Teen Vogue truth (Brittany McPhee). Fresh face would be an understatement talking about Rachel, especially as these words are so overused nowadays. Refreshing vibe would sound better already, even if sounds deja vu as well. And you might have noticed it, there is no deja vu in this story. 

When Jonathan Leder sent us the pictures, with the title Rachel at Elite, our first thoughts were Rachel Proteau, another young lady from Pulse/Elite. Could have been as Jonathan already worked with her too. That's why "refreshing vibe" fits even more to describe Rachel Cook right now as it was a little bit of a surprise to find her in the mail. Delightful surprise, actually. As much as we love Ms. Proteau's looks and early modeling abilities, discovering Ms. Cook this morning was quite a soft shock. Broadening our vision of beauty again.

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