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Chillin' Out 
Anne Peck @ Modelwerk (Hamburg)

Modelwerk again ? Modelwerk, again. And we guess it won't stop as long as they keep updating us with such high quality materials or breaking news. Rather the first category today as there is no other information to spread than the pictures themselves. Quite relaxing if you ask and we actually seriously need to chill out a little bit. Was a busy week and we don't really need a busy weekend after this. All good, though. All for the best.

We met Anne Peck last year (last April, one year ago exactly!) so we could take those brand-new polaroids as a kind of celebration. Celebrating the potential that became reality during the last 365 days through major improvement of her modeling skills. We will probably never forget our first impression of Anne -- aka natural poise of a classic beauty in making. But would have even more troubles forgetting what we have in front of us today.

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    "Modelwerk again ? Modelwerk, again."

    This quote is a win! Well, same belongs to us, Anne Peck, Anne Sophie Monrad,Charlotte & Isabelle are so lovely and Modelwerk easy to work with....

    I always think Anne would make a model that Ashley Brokaw would quite like... Somehow a mix between Kori Richardson and Kelly Lumi - at least in her new snaps! xo

    Posté par Malte, 16-04-10 à 06:10 PM

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