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Miami Twice 
Shaughnessy @ Ford (Miami)

Got a letter from Bradford Gregory yesterday with these gorgeous pictures of Shaughnessy (agree with him, beautiful name) and just found out he's got his interview online today on Digital Diamonds. Even if we collaborate with him on a regular basis for seasons already, there are still some details we didn't know about his work or inspirations, his story and his muses. To the question "Is there anyone recently who you’ve photographed that’s particularly impressed or surprised you?", his spontaneous answer was "I shot last month with this new girl at Ford in Miami named Shaughnessy. I was basically the first to ever shoot with her and we got some cool stuff". All is said. 

So, as you know now, Shaughnessy is brand-new at Ford Miami and these are her first tests. What impressed Bradford was the very natural atittude, as spontaneous as his answer in the interview, which combines to a slightly mysterious beauty according to his words. Something defnitely impressive and worth to be mentioned in an interview when you are asked who's left a strong memory in your recent photographic life. Shaughnessy is only 15 and surely has time ahead of her to perfect her skills but those are already beyond remarkable for a beginner. Our last words are going to be dedicated to the location, Miami in February being much more attractive for a photographer striving for natural light as he said in the interview. It's been warming up a lot in New York lately so we guess you can expect more of Bradford Gregory's "in town" work soon. If not, let's go back to Miami.

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    She owns a great deal of All American effortlessness. I personally find this look in genreal very appealing, even though i prefer the edgier girl, there's always markets demanding this sort of "high end beauty".
    Bradford Gregory got a great eye for this kind of beauty, i love his visions and with Shaughnessy
    (HA! what a cute name btw") he picked the right one.

    Oh, and thank you for mentioning us!

    Posté par Malte, 17-04-10 à 06:07 PM
  • Alors là, elle est absolument SUBLIME cette jeune fille !!!!!

    Posté par Myriam Façonne, 18-04-10 à 09:43 PM

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