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Alicia Kuczman @ One (NY)

Recreate: give a new life or energy to. Exactly what's going on right now with One Management's facebook page, back to life with major updates over the last few days going from Icons do it better to the Lil'Ones latest pieces. Or recreate: engage recreational activities rather than work. Would fit for Alicia on these pictures even if she's actually at work. Best thing is when it doesn't show up and she's already famous for being that natural kind of model who just is herself and does not play a role. She rather plays with the camera instead. Or could it be recreate: give encouragement to ? In our own case yes, we totally support the latest moves at One. Like the way they spread their news on facebook with this aesthetic you can't misidentify. Last but not least, recreate: create anew. Always, and that's a matter of fact.

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