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Introducing: Florentine
Florentine van Houten @ SPS (The Netherlands)

After following, almost day by day some of the girls at SPS, it was about time for an update on a model who just recently signed with the agency and started to work on her book. Same high standards as the others on board, fresh look and beauty of the beginner as bonuses: here comes Florentine van Houten, 15-years-old and 5'11 (180) already. Florentine didn't only capture our attention for her face and silhouette, we were also captivated by her very laid-back attitude and amazing body-language for someone who has been playing with the camera for such a short time only. And Yorick Nube's magic worked again as you can see. One of the most amazing way to introduce a newbie and launch a career these days, non ?

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    She lacks that little oddity that catches the eye immediately and make great models. But you are right : she more than compensate with that body language of hers. Nice pics.

    Posté par Pacific Blue, 27-04-10 à 08:29 PM

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