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FDIB loves and bookmarks: Focus on Charlotte, WM the Blog 
Charlotte Bruge @ WM (Paris)

Were in a mood for classic beauties even before starting our blog-roundtrip of this morning but "Focus on Charlotte" on WM's blog certainly helped to make our decision to dedicate this Thursday to sleek features and figures, to the classical side of modeling and the classy vibe of the girls playing in this league.With a look that reminded us both of European beauties' timeless class and the gently superannuated appeal of silver screen muses. Epic, aristocratic or casual vibe... Charlotte seems to work them out, effortelssly, and caught our attention for being that kind of charming chameleon with quite a distinctive look au naturel. 

It's actually not the first time Charlotte Bruge got her slice of spotlights on WM's blog. Going through the typical full-force development the agency provides its models with, she quickly saw her book improve in quality and increase in number of materials. Working with the cream of the top for her test book, from well-known ones like David Bellemere (first two pictures) to the new generation (last picture by Marc Laroche, check out more of his series HERE).Charlotte (5'11 - 180) might be another of these models whose beauty is "easier to understand" than many "edgy" faces of the past five years, at a moment when several agencies are trying hard to promote their version of classic beauty, hers is definitely among the most refreshing. The look could also become a signature for WM after successfully lauching careers of other classic-beauties-with-a-twist like Elena Ivanova or Yuliana Dementyeva.

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  • i love that 3rd shot

    Posté par billy kidd, 29-04-10 à 03:46 PM

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