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Valerija Kelava
@ Next

Valerija Kelava hasn't only managed to work out her second flawless show season in a row and doesn't only get one editorial after the other, she also knows how to add that supplement of soul one needs to leave a real mark in modeling. Treating each piece of her works like a true performance (both expressions and body language are beyond breathtaking absolutely everytime and everywhere) and she's refreshing classics or basics from gothic moods to nudes. Last piece is also her masterpiece so far, just fresh from Numéro 113 and shot by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello (definitely becoming our new favorites in the same time as Valerija), styled by Samuel François. Nudity is handled in such a precious way, with the right distance and the right presence to match both the title (Desire) and the atmosphere of the story. Unveiling more than you would have ever expected yet always subtly hiding some important (tiny and necessary) details, creating a some visual thrill and tension. All scans by Carl-A @ tfs.

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  • Loving every single part of Valerija. The body, the personality, the vibe she emanates on pictures. A true stunner on the runway BUT: she just ALWAYS kills it in editorials <3

    Posté par Yana, 29-04-10 à 08:42 PM
  • SNAKE CHARMer !!

    Posté par alban, 29-04-10 à 11:18 PM
  • Wow...

    Isn't she cute ?

    Posté par Pacific Blue, 30-04-10 à 03:00 AM

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