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Deep Love 
Svetlana Mukhina @ Elite (NY)

Just featured Billy Kidd's work three days ago and back again with some new materials. And his muse of the day is no less than another FDIB-favorite, Svetlana Mukhina, Eskimo discovery signed with Elite NY (and FM London). The epitome of the expressive girl who already looked absolutely marvelous on her digitals taken during last show season in March. So, after unveiling Bo Don's unexpected sides and best-kept secrets, Billy explored the depth of Svetlana's potential. Abyssal, isn't it ?

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  • Couldn't be more amazing: adoring Billy Kidd's work (which I just recently discovered -thanks to your site girls ) and with a model like Svetlana (whose face seems like the most perfect mix of beauty and edge) ... what can go wrong? Wonderful pairing. And increadible emotions that are set free with the second shot.

    Posté par Yana, 04-05-10 à 12:26 PM
  • maud, she looks so good. reminds me a bit on katlin as and vika k.(cant remember the spelling of the names at the moment).

    Posté par ryder, 04-05-10 à 11:06 PM

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