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That Mood
Alicia Kuczman @ One (NY)

We might be in this exact mood today. Were just saying how Chloe Dole "dares to express" when she works with a photographer and Alicia Kuczman is exactly that kind of expressive models that got attention for bringing her own mood along her looks (remember that short story we did on Alicia loves to move). After great debuts in New York walking for Marc Jacobs and ending her season solely walking for Miu Miu in Paris, Alicia immediately branded herself as a precious girl you won't see at random places, where she goes is where she has to be. It may actually fit for her agency, One Management NY, as well who kept going on with precious bookings and precise image. From established models like Tanga Moreau to the Lil'Ones in making (Alicia and also Luana, Wiktoria or Gloria), the recent moves in their careers went through selective appearances backed by the agency's very own aesthetics as in Alicia's FW10 polaroids.

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