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No Fuss 
Tabea @ IMG (NY)

Could be one of these entries with our homemade cheesy titles like "Love is all what matters" and actually at the moment we're writing these lines we have no clue on what the title would look (sound) like. Might go for that cheap romantic vibe, just to get out of the drama. So, things are pretty official now if you check out Tabea's book on IMG's website (gorgeous book, by the way) but this is not really what we want to comment on today. Don't want to say it's good or bad, don't want to analyse the move when we have no proper idea of the motivations behind the change. All we know is we love Tabea, her looks and skills and what we shortly said yesterday featuring her page from French Elle. No matter what agency she's with, she'll remain a favorite here and after all, models changing agencies are pretty much of a common thing these days. In and out, back and forth, who's here today will be there tomorrow and so on. Some cases are interesting, some others are casual. Let's take the best of it, though. Without this new turn in her career, Tabea would maybe not have worked with Jonathan Leder as the need to renew a part of her book wouldn't make sense or not as much.

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  • Thanks for the new polaroids! I love Tabea and Jonathan Leder's work, have a interview upcoming with him.

    Posté par Malte, 18-05-10 à 02:23 PM
  • WOooow ET je vous avouerai que ce qui me frappe chez Tabea c'est la manière dont son charisme "nous saute (délicieusement / férocement) à la Gueule" au tout premier regard !!!! Magnétisante Présence qui par ailleurs s'accomode parfaitement de l'esthétique (si caractéristique) du Polaroid . . .

    Amicalement, Antoine

    Posté par Antoine, 18-05-10 à 09:20 PM

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