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The Sooner the Better 
Paulina Klimek @ Eastern (Poland)

One way or another, one month or another she's going to make it... One month, maybe next one, as she's going to turn 16 in June, Paulina Klimek could take the world by storm. We've been following her first steps last year which already included two trips, in London and Milan, and might have to stay tuned now for the next international moves in her career. The latest materials we received are typical beauty shots (sleek, smooth, black and white) that might not thrill you as much as fresh and raw polaroids would but they bring a clear and important point to her portrait: versatility, growing far beyond her cute first pictures last Spring. If you compare to those we published in April 2009, the evolution is obvious. Even shocking, in a very positive way. Just to see her much more confident in front of the camera makes us much more confident ourselves about Paulina's near future. Still have no clue where it's going to take place but it seems it's definitely going to happen.

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  • Wow, she looks like Anastasija Kondratjeva little sister!

    Posté par Model Whispers, 20-05-10 à 04:46 AM

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