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Delightful Details
Tessa Westerhof @ SPS (The Netherlands)

Time goes by so slowly... and fashion is supposed to go so fast. Or was supposed, fashion has gone mid-tempo, upbeat yet slower, mild or bittersweet atmosphere with all these moves that aren't changes and other breaking news turning out to be minor facts, forgotten the day after. Once upon a little time, new faces were everywhere, literally pouring down. Every fresh face was labeled the next big thing then had to survive the hype or disappear. The shock of the new was daily, the new generation was too old only a few months after jumping on the scene. Crazy days, seems gone. Career-patterns have changed, reactions the newest and the freshest have changed, people had to adapt. Or not, still trying, still searching. If we have to be honest, totally honest we would be in the second category, the ones still looking for the new way, the new vision. It's shaping but takes time and all we can focus on meanwhile is what we've been focusing on for months: development. Here we go again, Tessa's latest steps.

This step-by-step, careful approach might be frustrating for whoever sees modeling as magic and agents as wizards but we've always seemed to enjoyed the moments in between. The efficient work, the development. When a promising young one turns into a better model and from better model a talented model and so on. We've been watching Tessa Westerhof since the very beginnings (as most girls from SPS), relentlessly looking at the small details contributing to her evolution. Latest pieces to join her portfolio are part of a small story by Gilbert François (never tired of featuring his work!) who also portrayed Maaike recently. The way might be long and looking at these pictures we still can point the few things Tessa should and will improve but the most important was these delightful details, on the last three pictures posted above. Expressions, poses, gazes that build a model's identity. Important little things.

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