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And Now
Tessa Gelderblom @ SPS (The Netherlands)

It's almost one day, one Tessa or let's just say here comes the other Tessa from SPS Model Management, Tessa Gelderblom. Just as fresh as her homonymous agency-mate, Miss Gelderblom took a different road with her different look and if you may not remember which one has what last name, you can mistake their faces. Actually the two could have been featured in the same post as these stories by Gilbert François were initially meant to be a huge one, a panoramic overview of the newbies at SPS. Though, each one has her own strength and her own rythm which makes the big feature slightly questionable if your goal is to focuse on each girl's development. It clearly enables us to have a close look at details we would certainly overlook and prevent us from comparing directly girls that aren't excatly at the same stage in their careers. It also highlights little things like the tricky charms of the beginners or the lucky first signs of the model's future trademark.

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