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Talented Teenager 
Brittany McPhee @ Elite (NY)

She's one of the few models who start young and really leave a mark. Starting young in modeling has been quite pleonastic for years but it doesn't seem to be so relevant anymore and examples of girls starting rather "late" and doing well are easier to find nowadays. Not saying girls who start early are that rare but the approach went from "the faster the better" to a steady pace, with much emphasis put on development -- step by step. Though, among those young ladies, you'll always find some who spread their wings earlier. And faster. Matter of natural talent to model and also getting the right opportunities. People naturally have in mind girls like Jac who scored high profile jobs way before hitting her first runway and next one of that kind might be Brittany McPhee, at Pulse Management and Elite New York who was already featured here a few times. Not exactly making the headlines yet (and that would be pretty pointless) but getting everything a young model could dream of, career wise. Just have a look at her latest spread in Teen Vogue on Elite's blog, already the second on in a few months only. Or her most recent pieces by Jonathan Leder who never fails capturing the essence of his model. Right in the target again: the portrait he made of Brittany is exactly what you need to know, a talented teenager with the right proportions of talent and teenage in the mix.

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  • Her blond hair are amazing ! (especially on the first picture !)

    Posté par Olga, 25-05-10 à 07:21 PM

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