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Fancy Flower(s)
Amy @ Elite (NY)

Usually when a photographer sends you a color picture and its black and white counterpart, it's up to you to choose the one you would like to use. In other words: which one looks better. That might have been Kristiina Wilson's purpose too. Or not, after all it's not the first time she sends us materials like these, black and white and full colors versions of the same shot. And it's not the first time the idea of having the two versions side by side crosses our minds. Creating some contrast, playing with our eyes and yours, getting back and forth in time like with past and present movies. In the end you don't really know if it's colored versions of old pictures/movie scenes or if current pictures were turned black and white to create some specific effects. Might be the thrill with this idea.

Then Amy, the young lady found by Lizbell Agency in Canada and recently signed with Elite NY. Her first steps in town are another good reason to publish this here and now. Not that our feature may change her future but we thought a different look at Amy's precious beauty wouldn't hurt. Or would hurt in a good way, hurting the ready-made thoughts and usual perception of what a new face should look like in her test shots. Hurt the clichés and indulge your eyes... Retro vibe, flower prints, bright colors contrasting with the vintage appeal of black and white. Fancy recipe, isn't it ?

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    Crazy : i find her ugly on some pictures but amazing on others !

    Posté par Olga, 27-05-10 à 11:12 PM

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