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FDIB loves and bookmarks: Marike by Beau Grealy
Marike Le Roux @ Wilhelmina (NY)

Long time we haven't officially bookmarked any blog piece on FDIB but truth is we rely a lot more on our second page, J'avoue J'aime for this kind of entries (faster and right to the point). But this occasion seemed made for FDIB as both Marike Le Roux and Beau Grealy were already featured here and when one of our favorite model works with one of our favorite photographer, it's tough not to mention it here. The story comes from Italian Flair, May 2010 issue and was spotted on Wilhelmina's blog last week. Marike just had her second flawless season in a row and it feels so good to see her in some editorial again after the last piece we featured, the cover-story from french magazine Stiletto. The theme (or title for that matter) is New Romantic and if you want to translate these words in pictures, it seems to go through blue-blond hair. Which might be quite close to the initial meaning of romanticism in the end, in its way to seek absolutes and flirt with contradictions. And that's where Marike appears as the perfect model to embody the main character, a girl who has never been afraid of contradictions in the pictures she takes, in that very delicate and subtle manner that became her trademark through her recent editorial works.

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