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Pixies and Pumpkins  Amanda Norgaard @ Viva (Paris), Supreme (NY)

It's rocking and whirling in the land of pixies and pumpkins when Amanda Norgaard gets involved in the storyboard. In a short series dedicated to movies, especially those inspired by fairytales, the delicate Dane plays one role after the other and embodies each character with the same power, bringing them all back to life. We had no trouble to imagine her as the Little Mermaid (and it's actually the only story which inspired two pages in a row), we're quite smitten by her abilities to cross the borders of her very own style. Signature and beyond... Shot by Carlotta Manaigo and styled by Sheila Single (published in L'Express Styles, French and weekly), the spread shows her going from princesses to witches to princesses gone witches or the other way round. But no matter what way, in the end we are just betwitched. It might have taken us a little while to happen but we are totally... under her spell.

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  • she is just amazing. she delivers as no one else.

    Posté par ry, 31-05-10 à 10:58 PM

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