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The Performer 
Valerie Van Der Graaf @ SPS (The Netherlands)

There are days you write about your expectations and days you describe how they've come true. Many posts dedicated to Valerie were expectations, fuelled by some die-hard faith in a young model slowly yet steadily building a book. This time visuals went far beyond beliefs, expectations turned out to be relevant, we weren't dreaming of Valerie becoming a great model but were watching it. Live. If in many of her previous works, apart from the most recent pieces, it seemed she was holding back a part of her potential, not unveiling the most interesting sides of her. Which made her even more intriguing of course but also left us eager for more. Eager to see what was still waiting, hidden behind that polished look that stayed her trademark for a little while. Without completely switching to the dark side, still pretty smooth-looking in this new story from Deluxx Magazine, shot by Matilde Travassos and styled by Kumiko Yashiro. Just going gently crazy, putting an extra dose of energy in her poses and more presence in her expressions, playing a character she has never embodied before and we're not talking about the wig but who's under or behind. For the first time in her career, Valerie (also with Select in London) is openly performing her role and not just modeling. Milestone!

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  • so sexy with black hair

    Posté par ed, 01-06-10 à 10:48 PM

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