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Hazel Eyes 
Amanda Chamberlain @ Elite (NY)

We could do one per week, one Elite/Pulse-girl by Jonathan Leder. Last week we had the lovely Brittany McPhee, this one it's Amanda's turn. Totally different look, totally different vibe even when pictured by the same photographer using the same polaroid technique, the same aesthetic. That might be the magic of Jonathan's work as well, being able to draw a different portrait each time and the fact he uses the same camera and same style makes it even more obvious. Might also be the magic of these girls found by Pulse Management and carefully developed by Elite's new faces division in New York. They come one after the other, never look the same yet fit the agency's overall aesthetic and all of those we've seen lately were strong enough to leave their mark by themselves. Amanda Chamberlain is no exception to what seems to be the rule now. Going from Brittany's high energy and untouched look to Amanda's laid-back aristocratic poses totally underlines our point. For your information, she's 5'10 and as talented as the three shots above seem to say.

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    wow wow wow what a site you have ! Can't get enough of it ! Love Sarah.

    Posté par Sarah, 01-06-10 à 11:11 PM

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