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Eyes Like Hers 
Chloe @ FM (London)

Chloe arrived in London this morning, dropped by the agency and rushed to her first meeting, as simple as it sounds. Simple might not be the best word to describe Chloe's beauty, though. Sophisticated or ethereal would be much better definitions of her very peculiar look. Simple wouldn't fit for her personality either, inspired should do it better. Or passionate, for anyone knowing her involvement in modeling. Managed by Swedish boutique Nisch Management in Stockholm and recently signed with FM in London, Chloe's career is about to take a new turn. From the limitless love she got from photographers in her home country to her first appointment with clients in town, the story is writing up by itself or almost. With her 5'11 height and endless legs (who wouldn't be impressed by the last pola), Chloe got two more serious assets besides that ethereal vibe... and those unique eyes of hers!

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  • Hehe, I think her real name is Maria, but she is lovely anyway. I've known her for a while now, wishing her all the best. I know it's her dream to be a model.

    Posté par Model Whispers, 03-06-10 à 03:29 PM
  • You're right,I've known her as Maria Chloé first as well... But yes, whatever, wishing her all the best too

    Posté par maud, 04-06-10 à 07:00 PM

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