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Rock Your Soul

Yesterday we said weekly and today it seems even daily, talking about the rythm of our posts dedicated to Jonathan Leder. But this has never stopped us, it never gets repetitive when the visuals are good and when the inspiration comes along. We never thought we would sound biased either, just being supportive of photographers we love as we love them for what they do and what their work does for us. Words just go by, almost straight from our minds to the screen via our fingers literally dancing on the keyboard. Let the music play, let's turn it on again. It's getting even harder not to feature one's of work when they are actually featuring one of our all time favorites, one of these girls we call muses, one of these models who inspired us hundreds of lines since we first wrote an entry about them. Megan McNierney, unforgettable memories of editorial work, of some brilliant stories that made us buy the whole magazine just for a few pages or made us save her polaroids on our hard disk just for the sake of having them saved (and looking at them when we need an extra dose of inspiration on bad days). Megan or the girl who's got more to tell in pictures than we first expected to, who's never stopped surprising us through months, seasons... Soft or smooth if you look fast (neither too sweet nor sugary, though), deep or even dramatic if you look closer, endless possibilities and still a lot more to explore. If there has to be a classic wave in modeling, let's just make it with those who really rock our souls. 

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  • la peau diaphane et les cheveux presque blancs <3

    Posté par Olga, 02-06-10 à 10:27 PM

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