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11 x 14

Talking about supporting our favorite photographers, here is another golden opportunity just a few days after featuring his work with Constance Jablonski for Grey Magazine. Here comes Chadwick Tyler again with one of his latest project, an exclusive yet affordable online sale of some photographs, first one on the list being Suvi Koponen (like you've rarely seen her, plus one photograph of Tyler Riggs). Then, Chadwick is going to pick a different set of prints each month for these limited edition sales. Check out all the details on, under the prints section and while you're here, please have a look at Chadwick's work with Elizabeth and Sofi. Worth the virtual trip and haunting in a totally unexpected way.

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    Le mouvement de la photo est splendide !

    Posté par Olga, 02-06-10 à 10:26 PM
  • I love this idea but personally do not like those 2 samples. Chadwick has so much better pictures taken, when i recall the work he did with Tabea and Megha <3

    Posté par Malte, 03-06-10 à 03:28 AM

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