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Alex @ Next (Canada)

Last week we had the opportunity to discover a new(ish) photographer, according to his own words. Matthew Burditt, working in Vancouver in Canada and who has recently worked with some of the most interesting models around, including Amy (from Liz Bell, who was featured on FDIB not so long ago) for his story called Catch the Light. The pieces that caught our attention were often those which relied on simple or even minimalist styling, studio work or natural atmospheres. Those where attention goes to the main character of the story, the model. Some photographers create moods, others, like Matthew, captures the characters they see in front of their camera.

As we had to stick to one story only, among all we've seen so far, we went easily for his recent work with Alex, from Next Canada's new faces board. New(ish) photographer shooting new(ish) model: love that recipe that has made our headlines several times already. The main strength of Matthew's work is in his way to capture "his" characters and as striking as the other series might be, this one with Alex had quite a different taste. Might be the girl's very fluid and subtle body language or simply the result of a good connection between the photographer and his model, as often when a shooting turns out great. This leads us to some further considerations on Alex, who's got a perfectly balanced mix of classic and "edgy" (if this still means anything) features and seems to go from mild to bold quite effortlessly.

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    J'aime ces photos...sofistiquées...une jeune femme très glamour !

    Posté par Myriam Façonne, 08-06-10 à 09:51 PM

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