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Christina Romanova @ AL Models

Not even two weeks after introducing Irina, here comes Christina Romanova, newest discovery (from Russia again) by AL Models. She just turned 16 this month, looks as fresh and youthful as possible yet quite talented for someone just beginning. From her ethereal look on her digitials to the more elaborated performance of her first test (more playful or even more ethereal, actually), there is already more to see with Christina than just an unforgettable look. If today's requirements to become a model are getting higher and tougher, girls who start with a complete package like our little miss Romanova (tiny but not small at 177 82-59-87) are at least a mile ahead of the rest of the fashionable crowd.

Take some fancy T-shirts or oversized trousers (only to enhance her fragile look) and the young lady goes from pristine to sophisticated. Take some raw light and a plain background and you get a proper idea of what her potential is like. Of course, now you would like to know what's going to happen if she jumps and shouts... but this is already more than enough to get stuck in your chair, mouth wide open with the only word (or noise for that matter) getting out of it being "wow". Here we go again, that famous yet hard-to-describe wow-factor. The little thing that separates a random tall teenager from a geniune model in the making. Of course it takes some wise "model-makers" to make it happen (and it makes many "make"), strong will and perfect timing but so far the story sounds so good. We're already waiting to write the next chapter (with Women).

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  • WOUAH .
    Sous le choc, elle est vraiment superbe, j'adore ses long cheveux, sa peau parfaite et ses yeux clairs un peu tristes/tombants.
    Magnifique !
    Vous nous faites découvrir bien de belles personnes sur ce blog

    Posté par Olga, 07-06-10 à 10:14 PM
  • she's like a dream.

    Posté par cath, 09-06-10 à 12:06 PM

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