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Amy (& Co.) by Amy

Amy, Maaike and Odile @ SPS (The Netherlands)

Seeing the model as a creative has always been our point as modeling can be seen as a real performance in several different cases but this one goes far beyond the usual standards describing creativity and/or performers. Not only the three girls on this video were performing in such a natural way during the time required to record four full minutes of gorgeous movie scenes but also one of them actually shot it. Amy Post is the creative brain behind the project, both director and actress, multi-tasking all the way. The swimming pool part of the story is just genius and so does the post swimming pool party with the three girls (Amy, Maaike Klaasen and Odile Coco) having fun at the end of the movie.

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  • Toutes les trois superbes, ainsi que la video. Elles paraissent presque défoncées au début, c'est dingue ^^

    Posté par Olga, 07-06-10 à 10:19 PM

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