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Miranda @ Brand (Finland)

Since Kirsi Pyrhonen appeared on the international modeling scene a few months ago, good eyes have started to look at Brand Model Management in Finland a bit more carefully (some of them already did but now it seems the destination is on every to-do-list during scouting trips). Though, anyone thinking Kirsi is a so-called overnight sensation is getting the information the wrong way. Of course, her story started fast and striked big almost since day one but it should never eclipse how Brand actually prepares its newbies to what may wait for them once they left their home country. A lot of training, a lot of work on the image and the right little bit of perfectionism have been the main ingredients of the agency's strategy. It's quite naturally that we turn now to the latest model made in Brand, Miranda.

Again the formula seems simple and efficient. A few good-looking digitals and some tests able to unveil the right bits of the girl's potential. Miranda is 5'10"5 (179) and has those sleek, almost classical features that seems to be quite in high demand plus the kind of eyes that immediately command attention for both their shape and color. With a few more cool test shots on their way, her portfolio should also look quite complete for a beginner when she will reach Milan next week. Another one to take quite a quick start (or at least, who seems ready to), even if development always takes the time it requires. But when it's really well done, time goes slightly faster...

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  • just saw Miranda at TFS, can't believe she's only 15! seriosuly, that's depressing! haha great photos, loved the first set! can't wait to see more of her

    Posté par augusta, 08-06-10 à 11:32 PM

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