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Very Veroni 
Veroni @ iD Model Management (The Netherlands)

It was planned this way and, for once, we stuck to our initial plans which were featuring Miranda and Veroni at the beginning of this week. Classic beauties with a twist might be a well-known concept already and there is no real surprise in highlighting this again but it can be easily transformed and expressed in several different ways. Hence the idea of having Miranda's and Veroni's features back to back and that's the interesting part in talking about this beauty type again -- showing the neverending possibilities offered by this kind of looks. Veroni is Dutch, from Rotterdam's boutique iD Model Management (their site is still under construction but you can already read about the agency's focus, projects and statements as introduction) and scores a respectable 5'9"5 on her compcard. Veroni has just arrived in Milan where she's represented by IMG and where her looks should work it out, especially with materials like these above in her luggage (by Pim van Offeren, see more in the next post).

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  • Hmmm...

    Wow, she definitely looks like an Alien !... Let's hope we will be invaded soon

    Posté par Pacific Blue, 15-06-10 à 10:29 AM

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